Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center

The Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center is one of ten AgResearch and Education Centers located throughout Tennessee. Headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the Forest Resources AgResearch Center is composed of three forest units located in East and Middle Tennessee–Oak Ridge Forest, Cumberland Forest, and Highland Rim Forest.

The Center is a field research laboratory located on more than 11,400 acres. It is a regionally recognized leader in developing new technologies applicable to modern forestry and wildlife resources management and environmental stewardship.

Field presentation on long-term Shortleaf pine research
Our Research
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Center Programs
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Presentation at the 2018 Eastern Research Forest Manageers meeting
Center Field Days
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2018 UT Arboretum Butterfly Festival
UT Arboretum
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Our 2023 Woods and Wildlife Field Day event was held on the Oak Ridge Forest Unit on Thursday, October 19, 2023.
Wayne Clatterbuck leading a discussion at the 2022 Woods and Wildlife Field Day.
UT AgResearch is currently researching hemp production and utilization, including variety trials, fertility requirements, and pest management.