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Managing Urban Woods

Many cities and towns have areas that have been designated open space, common, or green areas. These areas are typically intended to be left in a "natural state". This definition has many meanings to residents and governments - from "do not disturb" to "manicured". Most residents and governments have agreed upon something in between wherein lies the need for some type of management of the area, which typically includes woods.

Urban Woods Management

The grounds of the UT Arboretum provide an opportunity for people responsible for maintaining the green areas in cities and towns to see woods management in action. In addition to being a teaching and research facility, the Arboretum is also a "natural" area that exhibits desirable forest management practices.

The Heath Cove along Tulip Poplar and Heath Cove Trail is one of the designated Woods Management areas for this Urban Forestry Demonstration Project.

Managing to Attract Wildlife Managing for Enjoyment

Urban woods management can provide a natural habitat for wildlife such as the wild turkey in the photo above left and also an aesthetically pleasing area for walking enjoyment as in the above right photo.

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