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News: January - June 2013

UT Arboretum Society Hosts Photography Workshop

Photo Workshop

Photo Workshop

Photos by Charles Samuels, UTAS President

On Saturday, June 22, 2013, The UT Arboretum Society sponsored a Photography Workshop in the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center. Dr. R.E McLaren (top photo: right standing), a local amateur photographer, led the workshop. Dr. McLaren has a special interest in wildlife and landscapes. He is also an avid student of photography equipment and techniques, and enjoys interacting with others on these subjects. This year’s session focused on a variety of the most frequently asked questions about field photography with particular emphasis on camera types and methods for photographing flowers and song birds.

Second Artificial Wetland Installed in the Arboretum

Preparing the area for the wetland installation Preparing the area for the wetland installation.

The prepared wetland area The prepared wetland area.

The UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center (FRREC) recently installed a second artificial wetland at the juncture of the South Forest Loop Road and Backwoods Trail area. This ongoing project has been coordinated by Mr. John Byrd, Director, Clinch River Environmental Studies Organization (CRESO). Funding for the project came from a Department of Energy grant focused on installing artificial wetlands for Anderson County area schools field teaching and educational outreach programs. This second "woodland" wetland is part of the forest conservation demonstration area, which will eventually feature other natural resources conservation, forest management, and best management practices.

CRESO was established in 1989, and is an education/research program that provides middle, high school, and undergraduate students opportunities for unique field research and extended learning experiences in areas of research design and protocols, data management and analysis, biology, and natural resources conservation.

Yvonne Hitchcock - 30 Years of Service

Yvonne Hitchcock Celebrates 30 Years at UT Please join us as we recognize Yvonne Hitchcock for her 30 years of service and dedication to the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center (FRREC). Yvonne currently serves as a senior field worker here at the FRREC, where she continually distinguishes herself as an employee who can be relied on to give whatever it takes to get the job done.  Yvonne's artistic abilities have also proved to be extremely valuable in setting up the FRREC's annual fall plant sale and holiday entry sign decorations. She is also known around the Center as the "Animal Whisperer", as we sometimes have pets abandoned at the Center, which has included anything from cats and dogs, to floppy eared rabbits.  Often these frightened animals seek shelter up in the woods around the office and Center Director's residence.  She has been known to stand in the parking lot or by the road, and "encourage" the animal to come down.  And with her generous heart, many times she ends up paying their vet bills herself, and works hard to find loving homes for them.  And those she can't place become part of her own "pack." She is truly a valued employee who works hard to keep the Arboretum facilities and grounds in tip top shape for our researchers, community partners and visitors.

UT Arboretum Society Joint Work Day: Plant Collections & Native Plant Group

UT Arboretum Society Joint Viburnum Workday On May 23, 2013 twelve UT Arboretum Society volunteers from the UTAS Plant Collections and Native Plant Groups spent over 3 hours spreading "tons of mulch" in and around the new Viburnum Collection located up the Valley Road area. These new beds will provide a beautiful spring display and also provide visitors an opportunity to observe some of the diversity available with these popular landscape plants.

UT Arboretum Society Joint Viburnum Wokrday Volunteers The volunteers stand proudly next to one of the new beds that they installed during the work day. Those volunteers pictured (left to right): Norm Dobbs, Dennis Superczynski, Ken Farrell, David Alspaugh, Lee Ann Dobbs, Lynn Carlson, Joan Johnson and Pat Hunsicker (not pictured: Janet Bigelow, Marti Salk, Huey Sides, and Peggy Mahoney)

UT Arboretum Society Hosts MOTH-ers Night Out

UTAS-sponsored Moth-er's Night Out Event Kris Light (far right) explains about the types of area moths & other nighttime insects and their lifecycle.

UTAS-sponsored Moth-er's Night Out Kris Light (blue jacket) demonstrates the field technique of using lights and sheets to attract and observe moths and other nighttime insects.

The UT Arboretum Society recently hosted the annual "MOTH-ers Night Out" on Saturday May 11th, 2013 in and around the Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Visitor Center. The informative event was led by Kris Light, Naturalist and Photographer, which featured an interpretive PowerPoint program and an exciting field exercise focusing on drawing moths and other nighttime insects into a special lit observation area. Over 30 visitors from Oak Ridge and the surrounding East Tennessee area attended the event.

UT Arboretum Society Holds Successful Spring Plant Sale

UTAS Spring Plant Sale 2013 The UT Arboretum Society hosted their Annual Spring Plant Sale at the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center program shelter on Saturday, April 19, 2013. The cooler than normal weather did not deter an excellent turnout of shoppers for this important annual fundraising event, as all proceeds go toward supporting the mission of the UT Arboretum.

UT Arboretum Society Hosts Azalea Workshop

Azalea Workshop The UT Arboretum Society hosted an Azalea Workshop on April 16th, at the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center Shop. Long-time Oak Ridge resident Huey Sides, a true azalea aficionado, shared his lessons learned over the past 40 years on the planting, care and propagation of azaleas during the workshop. Huey and his wife Barbara have donated a collection of over 20 different azaleas to the Arboretum, which can be found growing on the hillside area south of the Visitors' Center. Selected varieties of his azaleas and other plants from his garden are also featured at the Society's annual plant sales.

A loyal supporter of the UT Arboretum and the Society, Huey was recognized as the 2012 UT Arboretum Society "Volunteer of the Year" at the beginning of the workshop.

New Workstation Installed in UT Arboretum Reference Room

New UT Arboretum Workstation The UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center (FRREC) recently installed a re-purposed computer work station, desk, and book shelve system in the Visitor Center Reference Room. The new work space is intended to provide a quiet place as needed to research web resources, provide desk space, or utilize the book and publication archives stored in the room. We wish to thank Ms. Fran Truex who made a generous donation of assorted planting and gardening books, which can be seen on the shelves above the work station in the accompanying photo. We would also like to express our appreciation to UTAS member, Eileen Neiler, for her continuous support of our reference library by donating publications and books to our library as well.

New Wood Duck Boxes for the Arboretum

Wood Duck BoxesSarah Lloyd proudly displays one of the wood duck nesting boxes that she built and donated to the Arboretum (Her proud father Peter is shown in the picture with her).
Wood Duck Box InstallationSarah Lloyd helps to install one of her donated wood duck nesting boxes in the pond near the Arboretum office (Yvonne Hitchcock - left).
The UT Arboretum recently received a generous donation of three cedar wood duck nesting boxes from Sarah Lloyd. The donation was part of Sarah's Girl Scout leadership/community outreach project requirement. The wood duck boxes have been installed in the Marsh Area and near the front pond located adjacent to the Arboretum office. A third box will be located in the Research area of the Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center (FRREC). Yvonne Hitchcock, FRREC Senior Field Worker, and Bo Duncan, FRREC Senior Farm Equipment Operator, worked together to fabricate the wood duck box mounting poles/hardware and required predator-proof devices.

UTAS Sponsors Highly Attended Lecture Series

Dr. Scott Schlarbaum LectureDr. Scott Schlarbaum presents his lecture entitled "Whats all the Concern About Climate Change - Forests in the Future Will be Very Different With or Without Climate Change".
Dr. Robert Hatcher LectureDr. Robert Hatcher lectures on the topic of "Geology and Petroleum Resources in Tennessee and the Use of Fracking as a Drilling Tool".
The UT Arboretum Society sponsored two highly successful lecture series events in February. Dr. Scott Schlarbaum, James R. Cox Professor of Forest Genetics, UT Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries gave a presentation entitled "Whats all the Concern About Climate Change - Forests in the Future Will be Very Different With or Without Climate Change" on February 7th. The subject matter was well received by the 42 people who attended. Dr. Robert Hatcher, Professor and Distinguished Scientist of Structural Geology & Tectonics, gave a presentation entitled "Geology and Petroleum Resources in Tennessee and the Use of Fracking as a Drilling Tool" on February 28th. The topic was timely given the proposed UT AgResearch Gas and Well Research Project has been in the local and regional news. 86 people attended the event.

2013 UTAS Father-Daughter Hike

Father-Daughter Hike 2013 Jeff Holt, Consulting Forester and UTAS Volunteer (far right - green jacket), again led the annual Father-Daughter hike this year, which was held on Saturday, February 23, 2013. The event was co-sponsored by the UT Arboretum Society and the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. An overcast cold winter day may have deterred a large crowd, but it did not hinder the family memories that 23 fathers and daughters (who were in attendance) experienced. The hikers enjoyed a 2+ hour walk along the Marsh Area, Cemetery Ridge Trail, Crossroads Trail, Lost Chestnut Trail, and the Valley Road trail during the 3+ mile outing.

UT Arboretum Society holds 2013 Planning and Goal Setting Workshop

UTAS Planning Workshop On Saturday, January 26, 2013 the UT Arboretum Society held their 2013 Planning and Goal Setting Workshop at the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center Shop. Kevin Hoyt, Center Director, gave an overview of the Center's Mission, Norm Dobbs, past UTAS President, gave a presentation on the History of the UT Arboretum Society, and Charlie Samuels, UTAS President, presided over the 2013 "Goal Setting" session. 13 Board Members were in attendance.

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