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News: January - June 2012

Arboretum Society Azalea "Clean Up" Work Day

UTAS Photo Workshop On June 13, 2011, seven UT Arboretum Society volunteers spent over 2 hours sprucing up and pruning the azalea collection located on the Valley Road near the Heath Cove Trail. The volunteers stand proudly next to the debris pile that was removed from the area. Those volunteers pictured (left to right): Norm & Lee Ann Dobbs, Ken Farrell, Lynn Carlson, and Huey Sides (not pictured: Pat Hunsicker and Peggy Mahoney).

Jimmie "Bo" Duncan - 25 Years of Service

Jimmie 'Bo' Duncan - 25th Serviice AnniversaryJimmie "Bo" Duncan (far left) and other anniversary celebrants
Jimmie 'Bo' Duncan - 25th Serviice AnniversaryFrom left: Dr. Joe DiPietro, University of Tennessee President, Jimmie "Bo" Duncan, Dr. Larry R. Arrington, UTIA Chancellor

Please join us as we recognize Jimmie "Bo" Duncan (far left) for his 25 years of hard work and dedication to the UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center. He started his employment working at the Cumberland Forest Unit in Morgan County; working under the guidance of Robert Lee Duncan (they are not related.) He was later transferred to the Oak Ridge Forest Unit, where he was promoted to Senior Equipment Operator.

Bo is known as the "Jack Of All Trades" around here. We have yet to find a task that Bo can't complete. Whether its bush hogging a research plot, building renovations, tracking down a water leak, or keeping some of our older machines working; Bo has met every task with hard work and perseverance.

Bo wears many hats of the trades. Be it hard hats or baseball caps, the one we are most pleased with, is the one that proclaims he's a member of our staff.

"Is it a stream or a wet-weather conveyance?"

UT Water Resources ClassMembers of the UT Water Resources Hydrological Determinations Class used the Arboretum marsh area for reviewing the standards for identifying an "actual stream".

UT Water Resources ClassMembers of the UT Water Resources Hydrological Determinations Class used a field site on the Arboretum to review the standards for identifying a "wet weather conveyance".

The Forest Resources Research and Education Center hosted the UT Water Resources Center Hydrological Determinations Class on June 4, 2012. Mr. Tim Gangaware, with the UT Water Resources Center, and Mr. Jonathon Burr, with TDEC set up the field sampling course which took place in the Arboretum's marsh area. The course is designed to train environmental workers as Qualified Hydrologic Professionals, certified to accurately identify jurisdictional streams under TN's current laws and regulations. The class was made up of twenty-five professionals representing government agencies and private industry.

FRREC Hosts Additional Tennessee Master Logger Training Modules

Master Logger Training ParticipantsMr. Mike Sherrill (standing - center) instructs the FRREC Master Logger program participant's forestry Best Management Practices and water quality.

Master Logger Training LectureDr. Wayne Clatterbuck (standing - center) instructs the FRREC Master Logger program participants on the science and practice of silviculture and forest harvesting.

The Forest Resources Research and Education Center is continuing to host the 5-Day Tennessee Forestry Association's Master Logger Program. Mr. Mike Sherrill, Tennessee Division of Forestry-Water Quality Forester, led the classroom module on Best Management Practices and Water Quality on May 10th, 2012. Dr Wayne Clatterbuck, UT Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department Professor/UT Extension Specialist, led the Silviculture/Forest Harvesting module on May 24th, 2012. Eight area loggers and the entire FRREC staff are taking the full 5-day program, which will also include a first aid/CPR module and business management module.

USFS - Southern Research Station - FIA Study Tour

US Forest Service Study Tour ClassRichard Evans (facing), former FRREC Center Director discusses the pine marginal soils research study with the USFS-FIA Peruvian/Columbian study tour group.

US Forest Service Peruvian and Columbian Study Tour MembersThe USFS-FIA Peruvian/Columbian study tour group poses for a picture as they return from their UT FRREC field tour.

The UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center (FRREC) hosted the US Forest Service - Southern Research Station - Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Peruvian and Columbian stakeholder study tour on May 15, 2012. The group consisted of 9 forest inventory stakeholders from Peru and Colombia representing a variety of governmental agencies and universities. Accompanying the group were personnel from the USDA Forest Service International Program, and the USFS FIA office in Knoxville, TN. The on-site program consisted of a field data collection workshop at the program shelter, field work on the newly installed FIA demonstration plots, a working lunch, and a tour of FRREC research projects led by the former Center Director Richard Evans. Continuous translation between Spanish and English was provided by professional translators using a system of wireless earpieces that made communication between the groups nearly seamless.

Troop 46 Eagle Scout Work Day

Boy Scout Troop 46 Arboretum Work Day

On Saturday May 12, 2012, volunteers from local Boy Scout Troop 46 assisted Matt Lloyd (standing left holding an orange tree puller tool) with his Eagle Scout project. Matt's project is focused on enhancing the Heath Cove Trail, by pulling up targeted invasive species along the trail (Privet and Autumn olive), upgrading the bridges, arresting erosion, and adding a new resting bench for Arboretum visitors to enjoy. The troop proudly posed for their picture at the end of the day next to the pile of extracted invasive species.

USFS - Southern Research Station Training Session

US Forest Service TrainingJason Cooper, USFS Forester (standing) uses a data recorder to input tree bole measurements into the whole tree biomass volume calculator.

US Forest Service Training ClassThe USFS - Southern Research Station Whole Tree Utilization training class attendees pose for a class photo.

The UT Arboretum Shade Tree Study area at the AgResearch Forest Resources Research and Education Center was the site for a recent US Forest Service - Southern Research Station - training exercise on April, 25, 2012. The USFS training refresher course was focused on whole tree biomass utilization measurement techniques. The FRREC staff felled several sample trees onto the ground so that the students could take measurements from the stump all the way up to a 4 inch outside bark diameter in the crown of the tree. Eleven foresters from throughout the southeastern United States participated in the training event.

2012 UT Arboretum Society Spring Plant Sale

Plant Sale 2012 Program ShelterThe UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center program shelter area provided the perfect venue for the UT Arboretum Society's 2012 Annual Spring Plant sale.

Plant Sale 2012A wide selection of flowering plants, shrubs and trees were available for purchase at the UT Arboretum Society's Spring Plant Sale.

The UT Arboretum Society hosted their Annual Spring Plant Sale on Saturday, April 21, 2012. Despite the rainy weather forecasted, attendees were not discouraged from seeking beautiful additions for their gardens. All proceeds from this annual spring event go toward supporting the mission of the UT Arboretum.

Healthy Hardwoods Field Day

Healthy Hardwoods Field DayDr. David Mercker, UT Extension Forester, leads a discussion on Best Management Practices related to water quality in forest operations.

Healthy Hardwoods Field DayThe UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center program shelter provided the perfect setting for Saturday's Healthy Hardwoods field day.

A beautiful spring day was the setting for the UT Extension "Healthy Hardwoods" field day hosted at the Forest Resources Research and Education Center program shelter on March 31, 2012. Dr. David Mercker, UT Extension Forester, led the program which focused on Best Management Practices related to protecting water quality on family forest landowner woodlots during timber harvesting activities. Over 40 people attended the event represented by family forest landowners, professional foresters, area 4-H students/advisors, and University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) personnel.

UTAS "Herbicide and Mulch" Workshop

Herbicide-Mulch WorkshopDr. Matt Cuttulle gives presentation on herbicides at the Herbicide-Mulch Workship

Herbicide-Mulch WorkshopJeff Holt discusses mulch at the Herbicide-Mulch Workshop

On Saturday, March 17, The UT Arboretum Society sponsored an Herbicide and Mulch Workshop at the UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center Shop. Dr. Matt Cuttulle, a post-doc in the UT Plant Sciences Department, gave a presentation on herbicide science, products, and application techniques. In addition, Jeff Holt, Consulting Forester, gave a presentation on mulch types, tools, and proper mulching techniques for the 25 people who were in attendance.

Kevin Hoyt MC's Oak Ridge Arbor Day

2012 Arbor DayKevin Hoyt, FRREC Center Director (center), gives the opening address of the 2012 Arbor Day Observance ceremonies at the St. Mary's School library.
Photo Courtesy of The City of Oak Ridge

2012 Arbor DayThe ceremonial planting during the Oak Ridge Arbor Day Observance at St. Mary's School, included Sister Andrea Marie, Mayor Tom Beehan, Kevin Hoyt, Jimmy Groton, Josh Collins, and a host of eager St. Mary's school fourth graders.
Photo Courtesy of The City of Oak Ridge

On March 2nd , Kevin Hoyt, the UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center (FRREC) Director, served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Oak Ridge Arbor Day Observance and Tree City Award Ceremony. The event also included a ceremonial planting of a Red Maple tree on the grounds of St. Mary's School. The Observance has been held annually in Oak Ridge for twenty-four years, with the UT Arboretum Society co-sponsoring the event with the City of Oak Ridge for many of those years. The Society has also donated trees for past ceremonial plantings. Read more about the Red Maple tree >>>

UTAS Father-Daughter Hike

Father-Daughter Hike Group 1Group 1 led by Jeff Holt
Jeff Holt (far right - green jacket) led this group on the Father-Daughter hike. The event was sponsored by the UT Arboretum Society and held on February 25 at the UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center. The chilly winter day did not deter the good turnout of over 60 fathers and daughters.

Father-Daughter Hike Group 2Group 2 led by Wes Tilley

The hikers were split into two groups so that all participants could experience the beauty of the UT Arboretum and the solitude of the trail system. This happy group hiked the Oak-Hickory trail and was led by Wes Tilley (center kneeling - red jacket) of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

UT Forestry Silviculture Field Lab

Silviculture ClassDr. Wayne Clatter (right - blue jacket) instructs his Silviculture field lab on the Chestnut Ridge area of the FRREC.

Dr. Clatterbuck's Silviculture ClassDr. Wayne Clatterbuck (right - blue jacket) inspects his Sliviculture class Shortleaf pine tree planting exercise.

Dr. Wayne Clatterbuck, UT Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Department, led a field lab on February 9, 2012, for his Silviculture class at the UT AgResearch Forest Resources Research and Education Center (FRREC). The students learned about forest stand structure and historical land practices on the FRREC, as well as, forestry regeneration techniques. Students then had the opportunity to actually plant Shortleaf pine seedlings on a designated field area on the FRREC.

NOAA Weather Station at the Arboretum

NOAA-ATDD Weather Station at the Arboretum In partnership with the Oak Ridge Office of the Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA-ATDD), the UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center hosts a weather measurements and recording station on the grounds of the Arboretum.

This weather station is instrumented to collect data on basic environmental stress factors. Historic and current data plus weather reports can be accessed on-line from the NOAA-ATDD office via a web-link NOAA-ATDD Dataviewer or by clicking the weather icon on the Home page.

Information about the types of data collected is available at Weather Station.

Arboretum Drainage Maintenance Project

Arboretum DitchworkAn Oak Ridge area contractor spreads out a new concrete splash pad below one of the Arboretum's waterfall drainage structures.

Finshed Ditch Splash PadThe finished concrete splash pad will arrest erosion issues and better manage storm water flow off of the parking lot area.

The UT Arboretum waterfall drainage structures were part of a larger Forest Resources Research and Education Center concrete project. Several drainage structures within the Arboretum area were refurbished with concrete pads to arrest previous erosion issues and manage future storm water flow from the parking lot area. Kevin Hoyt, Center Director, coordinated the first phase of the project working with the FRREC staff and an area contractor in December, 2011. The second phase of the project will entail filling in, seeding and beautifying other eroded ditch areas, and is scheduled for completion sometime this spring.

Partitioning in Trees and Soil (PiTS) Part 2

PITS Ditch Witch OperationsFFREC Employee Mike Trammel begins Ditch Witch operations to establish trench work around the PiTs research project Dogwood sample trees.

ORNL PITS Research TeamORNL Research Team members begin the process of preparing the trench work and installing PiTs Dogwood sample tree monitoring devices.

The UT AgResearch Forest Resources Research and Education Center (FRREC) recently co-operated with an Oak Ridge National Lab research team on establishing a second PiTs field research study site (located within the Center's 1996 Dogwood Provenance study area) for developing carbon partitioning routines in existing ecosystems. The study objective is to improve carbon partitioning processes based on previous plant partitioning models tested against field observations and manipulations. Read about the PiTs Project Part 1 >>

Arboretum Society Trillium Planting Work Day

UTAS Volunteers Plant Trillium at the ArboretumUT Arboretum Society volunteers planted 50 Trilliums along the steps leading to the Lost Chestnut Trail.

UTAS Volunteers at Trillium PlantingSociety volunteers include: Janet and Bob Cushman, Ken Farrell, Stacey Fuller, Evelyn Lorenz, Peggy Mahoney, Bob Reed and Craig Voris.

On December 22, 2011, eight UT Arboretum Society volunteers planted 50 Trillium luteums donated by Craig Voris of Dyrad Woodworks, a seed-propagated trillium nursery in Loudon, TN. This is the second year that the UT Arboretum has benefited from Craig's generosity.

After selecting the planting locations and giving the volunteers specific instructions, planting of the 8-year old trilliums began. In the spring, visitors can look for the yellow blooms on either side of the wooden steps leading to the Lost Chestnut Trail, south of the Valley Road. Society trillium planting volunteers included: Janet and Bob Cushman, Norm Dobbs, Ken Farrell, Stacey Fuller, Evelyn Lorenz, Peggy Mahoney and Bob Reed.

UT Forensic Academy Training Session

Before Car Bomb Training SessionBefore and after pictures of a late model Ford Explorer show the destructive power that car bombs can inflict when rigged by professionals (good guys and bad guys).

After Car Bomb Training Session

The UT Forest Resources Research and Education Center - Oak Ridge Forest unit was the site for a car bomb training session on November 9, 2011. The session focused on detonating various explosive devices and post-bomb crime scene investigation techniques which are part of the National Forensic Academy's (NFA) 10-week training program. Professional bomb squad officers from the Knoxville Police Department acted as instructors for the class which included over 30 law enforcement professionals from around the country. Read more about the National Forensic Academy and UT's role in this program.

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