March 2017

A selection of events held at the Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center during the year.

Troop 40 replacing Marsh Area pole bridge with new structure Micah Cravens and parents on refurbished Oak Hickory Trail Bridge

Boy Scout Troop 40 Completes Eagle Scout Projects

Micah Cravens from BSA Troop 40 in Knoxville completed his Boy Scouts of America “Eagle Scout” project in the UT Arboretum this past March. He and members of his troop rebuilt the deteriorated pole bridge in the Marsh area and installed much-needed “new” foot boards & hand rails to the Oak Hickory Trail Bridge. Both of these projects are part of the ongoing effort to improve and update the Arboretum trails, support infrastructure, and signage.

Top Left: Boy Scout Troop 40 dismantling old Marsh Area pole bridge.

Top Right: New replacement bridge.

Lower Left: Micah Cravens and his parents (left) proudly pose on the newly refurbished Oak Hickory Trail Bridge.

2017 Arbor Day 2017 Arbor Day Tree Planting

2017 Oak Ridge Arbor Day Celebration

Dr. Kevin Hoyt, director of the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center, served again this year as the Master of Ceremonies for the 2017 Oak Ridge Arbor Day Celebration on March 3rd, 2017, held on the St. Mary’s School campus. Ater the ceremony, a Southern Red oak - donated to the City of Oak Ridge by SiteOne Landscape Supply - was proudly planted on the front yard of the school by city officials, invited quests, speakers, and students of the school.

2017 Father-Daughter Hike 2017 Father-Daughter Hike

2017 UTAS Father-Daughter Hike

Jeff Holt, Consulting Forester and UTAS Volunteer (top photo: right – green jacket, bottom photo: far left – green jacket) led the 8th Annual Father-Daughter hike held on Saturday, February 18. The event was co-sponsored by the UT Arboretum Society and the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. An overcast winter day did not deter the 56 "dads and daughters" who turned out for the event. The attendees were led on an interpretive hike by Jeff Holt along the North and South Forest Loop Trails. Dr. Kevin Hoyt, Director, also provided commentary about some of the projects along the way. The hikers enjoyed their brisk 1+ hour walk before returning to the Auditorium for fellowship, orange juice, coffee and snacks. Backpacks were also given as mementos to all the children at the end of the event.

Healthy Hardwoods Demo Plot Preparation
Demo Plot Preparation for the Mini-field Day

FRREC – Oak Ridge Forest Crew Prepares Tennessee Healthy Hardwoods Field Day Demo Plot

The UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center – Oak Ridge Forest crew began logging/hauling the Timber Harvesting Demo Plots that will be used during the Tennessee Healthy Hardwoods Mini-field Day on Saturday May 20th, 2017. The marked “harvest” trees consisted of Oak sp., Hickory sp., Tulip poplar, and Sweetgum. Grade logs from the harvest were hauled to a local sawmill for revenue generation. The tops/stem wood was donated to the UT Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries – Forestry Club for their woodsman team practice wood and firewood program. The mini-field day will be led by Dr. David Mercker, UT Extension Forester, and will be open to landowners, loggers, foresters and the general public. The program will include an inside presentation and a field visit to the plot area that will feature improper diameter limit cutting versus a proper timber harvest. Lunch will be provided at the end of the workshop.

Heathcove Trail Bridge Repair: Before and After
Andrew Christiansen's Bridge Project Team

Boy Scout Troop 30 Completes Eagle Scout Project

Andrew Christiansen  and Bridge Repair Project Andrew Christiansen from BSA Troop 30 completed his Boy Scouts of America “Eagle Scout” project in the UT Arboretum in November, 2016. He and members of his troop rebuilt the deteriorated bridge on the lower part of the Heath Cove Trail and installed gravel and waterbars on the new “yet-to-be” named trail near the Visitors Center. Andrew, who most people call Rudy, is a Life Scout in Troop 30 at Eastminster Presbyterian Church. He is a 15 year-old freshman who enjoys piano, martial arts, marksmanship, hiking, camping and mountain biking. Andrew was quoted as saying “the UT Arboretum has an amazing number of unique plants along its many beautiful trails” and thanked the Arboretum staff for the opportunity to help maintain the safety and health of the trail system.

Top Left: Bridge before

Top Right: Bridge after

Lower Left: Troop 30 Bridge Project Team (Andrew far left: blue jacket)

Above: Andrew Christiansen

Photos courtesy of Andrew Christiansen

New Year's Walk at the Elmore Holly Garden
New Year's Walk 2017

2017 UT Arboretum Society/FRREC “New Year's Walk”

The UT Arboretum Society (UTAS) hosted the third annual “New Year’s Walk” at the UT Arboretum on Monday January 2nd, 2017. The event started out at the new UT Arboretum Auditorium at 9:30 am for a “meet and greet” with UTAS members that included free coffee, hot chocolate and assorted snacks. At 10 am the attendees left the visitors center for a group walk led by Dr. Kevin Hoyt, FRREC Director, to the Elmore Holly Collection. Once there, Mr. Dennis Superczynski, Holly Task Force Chairman, gave an overview of the collection, allowing the participants a chance to learn about the collection and see the hollies covered with winter berries. The walkers were then led on an interpretive hike by Dr. Hoyt down to the Valley Road and up through the Oak-Hickory/Lost Chestnut Trail system before returning to the auditorium via the Heathcove Trail. The wet muggy day did not deter the interest and enthusiasm of the 45 people in attendance.

Top Left: Mr. Dennis Superczynski (blue hat – middle of photo) discusses the Harold Elmore Holly collection during the 2017 New Year’s Walk.

Lower Left: Dr. Kevin Hoyt (green jacket – left) discusses the management of the UT Arboretum and the FRREC during the 2017 New Year’s Walk.

Photos courtesy of Janet Bigelow